Worldwide there are myths of the Sun and Moon. How could there not be? To primitive man, they are the two celestial orbs that kept them company throughout their days and nights. Our ancestors looked to the skies for guidance and meaning. Ancient people tracked the paths the stars made through the heavens and the place where the sun and moon rose and set each day. They helped them navigate the seasons, and regulated their food production when they settled down from their wanderings. They became gods and goddesses to many peoples, the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonians, Sumerians and the Native Americans among them. Here is one example, and below I have provided links to two articles on Sun Gods and Moon Gods

Here is a little about the Norse sun and moon and their race across the sky.

Skoll the “One Who Mocks” and Hati the “One Who Hates” are two wolves that pursue the sun Sol and moon Mani across the sky in hopes of devouring them. At Ragnarok they catch their prey and the sky and earth darken and collapse.

Skoll chases Sol and Hati Mani. In the poem Grímnismál, it reads:

Skoll is the wolf
Who follows the shining priest
Into the desolate forest,
And the other is Hati,
Hróðvitnir’s son,
Who chases the bright bride of the sky.

Hróðvitnir’s is a name for the Alpha wolf Fenrir, making Skoll and Hati Fenrir’s offspring.

Here is a list of Sun Gods and Goddesses from around the world

Here is a list of Moon Gods and Goddesses from around the world

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